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June 10, 2009

In Stock

So exactly what does a locker have to do with Ginger's book? Read BNE and find out!

Never have so few words meant so much to my wife AKA Ginger AKA Running Antelope. You see, as of yesterday, her first novel, Brand-New Emily, went world-wide live and released officially!

Here’s a bunch of places you can order BNE from…

It’s also significant for me too. As agreed upon earlier, now that her first book is in print, I no longer have to use the codename Running Antelope here at the Funcave.

Shedding the bonds of censorship…sweet freedom at last!

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February 5, 2009

Running Antelope Rides Again!

My amazingly kickass freelance writer of a wife chalked up another cover story this month, this time about the living legend of NASCAR, Jeff Gordon…

The modern NASCAR would never have become the modern NASCAR if it hadn't been for this guy, who totally changed this sport into a Tier 1 draw.

Of course, she interviewed him back in the summer during a weekend event. Which just so happened to be the same weekend as the Brickyard 400. At Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As in, Indy. THE Indy.

And knowing how much I follow and enjoy NASCAR…did she invite me to go along on this one? That would be a big neg-a-tory, good buddy. Not that I’m bitter or anything about it.

Enough of my sob story…there are some pretty sweet giveaways attached to this. First, a lasagna recipe from Jeff’s mom, Carol, so you too can enjoy the pasta of champions.

Second, there’s a giveaway contest. Up for grabs?

  • Grand prize: A 1:24 scale fantasy die cast car from the Jeff Gordon Foundation
  • Runner-up prize: Pit Stop in a Southern Kitchen, a recipe book authored by Martha Earnhardt (wife of Ralph, mother of Dale, and grandmother of Dale, Jr.) and Carol Gordon Bickford (Jeff’s mom)

As always, you gotta be in it to win it, so enter before 2.28.2009 if you want to be in the running.

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November 19, 2008

Essential Business Server Premium Carries Downgrade Rights

If you find yourself trapped in a labyrinth...keep turning left.

OK, this is something that people have been freaking out about, and with good reason.

Essential Business Server 2008 Premium Edition includes an extra server. As in, an extra license of Windows Server 2008 Standard and a license for SQL Server 2008 Standard. Although this extra server can be used to hold a variety of roles, the general idea is that most people would use it as an application server.

“But what about applications that don’t yet support the 2008 version of Windows Server or SQL Server?” was the hue and cry. And MS hadn’t offered a definitive word on how to address that conundrum.

Today, the Essential Server Solutions team announced that downgrade rights will be included with the Premium Edition of Essential Business Server.

So if compatibility is a concern for you, you’ll definitely want to get aboard the EBS train sooner than later.

Through December 31, 2009, Essential Business Server Premium Edition will ship with Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard and SQL Server 2005 Standard media in-box as part of the product, in addition to the regular 2008 versions mentioned above.

After that, this downgrade offer will only be available via Microsoft’s Solutions Pathway, which right now looks to be only slightly less complicated to navigate than the Minotaur’s infamous crib, the Labyrinth at Knossos.

And yes, all this same stuff goes for Small Business Server 2008 Premium Edition.

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November 16, 2008

T-Shirts Of The SEC: Auburn Tigers

Auburn big incestous family reunion, with the extra chromosomes to prove it.

Like a CMT soap opera set in the Appalachians, Auburn’s season this year has gone from bad, to worse, to abominable.

And there’s really only one person who should be held accountable for that. Tommy Tuberville has proved, time and again this year, that he either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, how to be the head coach of a Division I-A football program in the NCAA.

Forget streaks, forget the past, forget anything else. Auburn is a dismal 5–6 right now, and are 2–5 in SEC conference play. In fact, since their “lost championship” year in 2004, where they went a perfect 13–0 but were denied a shot at a National Championship, Auburn has been on a continual downward slide in conference play.

The ludicrous Tony Franklin Experiment on offense this year didn’t just show Tuberville’s ineptitude at implementing such a major change. It highlighted his utter lack of leadership as the head coach of the Auburn Tigers.

Tuberville’s skated for many years by sacrificing assistants and coordinators whenever the Tigers failed to perform. So his throwing Franklin under the bus is nothing new under the Auburn sun.

But what has truly cemented Tuberville’s fate is his stunning inability to recruit against the Crimson Tide. From the moment he stepped off the tarmac in Tuscaloosa, Nick Saban basically took Tommy Tuberville out behind the woodshed in what is without question the most important part of any successful program and the most important job of any successful head coach: recruiting.

Successful recruiting is nothing less than laying the foundation for the very future of your program. Successful recruiting is the difference between Tyrone Willingham getting three years at Notre Dame, and Charlie Weis getting four.

Last year, while Nick Saban was putting the finishing touches on wrapping up the #1 recruiting class in the nation…a recruiting class which translated into immediate results for the #1 ranked Crimson Tide this year, where do you think Tommy Tuberville was?

Duck hunting.

After 5 very mediocre years of conference play, Tuberville survived a coup in 2003, thanks to the sports media blowing the lid off the JetGate debacle.

He won’t get a second reprieve this time around.

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September 25, 2008


Pimp My Infrastructure

Time to bring tha bling playa.

When y’all want the best for your custom server whip, ya gots to get with E to the B to the S

Awwwwwww yea-UH!

Only way this video could been any better? If they had included the hellaciously awesome vocal stylings of Greg “Hyper-G” Starks.

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