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March 22, 2008

Never Doubt Eric Ligman

Never thought I'd see the day, but SBSC on a NASCAR ride? Now I've seen everything!

I’ll admit it.

I thought Eric was kinda joking last week when he asked me via e-mail…

By the way, are you a Nascar fan? Ever thought of putting your logo on a car as a sponsor?

But I should have known better. When Ligman speaks, astounding things happen.

And I have to say…

I think the SBSC sponsorship of a NASCAR team’s a pretty cool idea. Best of all, Microsoft’s doing something serious to get the SBSC logo out in front of people. Non-IT people, that is.

Of course, you knew I’d have to take the liberty of ‘chopping in BWT’s arrowhead, just to see…

BWT goes racing, boys. Ohhhh YAY-UH! 

Oh yeah…that could work!

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December 20, 2007

Gentleman, The World’s First Bionic Man

Sweet Mother of Moses!

This takes me right back to the early and mid-70s. First-grade, to be exact…


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September 16, 2006

get sbs show on your windows mobile device!

no no, i’m not talking about an optimized stream for windows mobile devices, unfortunately.

but maybe it’s the next best thing!

here, for the first time anywhere, for your downloafing pleasure

the official sbs show windows mobile theme

just ignore the dude on the left

and here’s a little proof that it’s funcave quality…

everything match? natch!

created as a gift for v & queenie, to thank them for all they’ve done for yours truly.


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August 26, 2006

missing out…

it never ceases to amaze me…

now matter how much i plan & plan…

it is like someone’s put a freaking hoodoo curse on me when it comes to professional & peer networking events anywhere outside the glorious metroplex that is tuscaloosa/northport.

ones that cost money & require serious time away from the office are one thing…

but unable to get to one that’s freaking free, taking place on a weekend & within driving distance!?!?!

that’s right, kiddos…

i missed barcampbirmingham today.

the entire freaking day!

can ya tell i’m pissed as hell about it?

well, while i’ve been pissed…

i managed to churn out a custom windows mobile device theme just for barcampbirmingham.

get your barcamp your pocket!

and of course…

the start menu remains totally functional & the graphics line up!

man...i freaking rock!

dunno if it counts as a contribution or not…

but at least it’s something, right?

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August 21, 2006

official funcave theme for windows mobile

so yours truly has been monkeying around with mothership’s theme generator for windows mobile devices.

man, could this thing use an update or what? version 2.0 for pocket pc 2002?

regardless, here is the fruit of those labors…

the official funcave theme for windows mobile

home sweet funcave

if you’ve never added a custom theme to windows mobile, here’s a quick tutorial for installing the official funcave theme:

first, download the official funcave theme for windows mobile.

next, copy the official funcave theme for windows mobile file, funcave.tsk, to either the Windows or the My Documents folder on your windows mobile device. fyi: using file synchronization in activesync is a super-easy way to get the file to the latter location.

ya gotta keep 'em synchronated!

tap Start->Settings.

drives me nuts having to remember to say 'tap' instead of 'click'

tap Today.

amazingly enough...the spot to change the today theme is under 'today' on wm5. if this was windows media player, it would prolly be under something like 'volume'

tap Funcave from the list. this rocket science, or what?

check Use this picture as the background.

haven't seen whether this checkbox really makes a difference either way, but it can't hurt, right?

tap ok in the upper right-hand corner, then wait for the theme to apply.

that  colored wheel always remind me of games from my simon, uno, & trivial pursuit.

tap x in the upper right-hand corner.

again...winning the nobel prize with this stuff, folks

revel in your device’s amazing new aura of cool…

guaranteed to get you more action than tag body spray

it’s always a good idea to check the readability/usability of your device’s start menu after applying a custom theme, since a ton of home-brewed themes make the start menu totally fracking useless.

of course, the official funcave theme keeps the start menu usable, and therefore totally kicks ass!

oh yeah...check out that seamless start menu action!

yours truly aims to release an extended theme sometime this week, primarily to better support the transition to landscape mode.

enjoy, kiddos…

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