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April 19, 2008

Response Point Demo Unit Promotion Code: SYSDEMO

Rex Backman from the Response Point team just posted this to the Response Point mailing list, and graciously gave me permission to blog about it here.

Sypine is offering discounted prices for demo kit to Microsoft partners
for a limited time.

This is a great opportunity for our partners to purchase a demo unit -
savings of up to 40% – that is ideal for you to quickly set up and use
for your sales training, or use for live demonstrations in-house or at
your customer’s location.

For under $1,000, the demo kit has everything you need to get started
and see for yourself the advantages of adding this award winning new
communications system for small businesses to your product line.

To order your demo kit please visit our website at to locate a Syspine distributor.

If you have further questions please email Syspine @ When placing your order with our distributor please reference promotional code SYSDEMO.

If you would like to talk directly to Rex and a couple of developers from the Response Point team, they will be in New Orleans at the conference in May, Mother’s Day weekend.

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April 9, 2008

Welcome To The Firehose

AKA Best.Day.Evar

I'll be the first to admit it...I felt like I was a 8 year old again today. Which TOTALLY FREAKIN ROCKED, in case you were still wondering.

Today’s penultimate session for the 2007–2008 class of Leadership Tuscaloosa was…

How shall I put this?


Big huge thanks to the local health and safety organizations who hosted us, including…

  • Tuscaloosa County Jail
  • Tuscaloosa Fire Department
  • Tuscaloosa Police Department

No, we didn’t get to fire any ordnance or discharge any rounds, but we got to see all of the following…

  • A full walking tour of the county jail, including the maximum security wing
  • Mobile command center
  • Armored carrier for Special Response Team activities
  • Bomb squad equipment, including robots
  • Mobile forensic lab, including 360 degree laser imaging system for crime scene investigations
  • Special Response Team (formerly called SWAT) equipment and tactics

We also got to…

  • Perform emergency medical technician response for a simulated car accident
  • Use a thermal imaging camera to pinpoint heat sources
  • Put on a full suit of turnout gear, including a helmet, to…
    • Work a fully energized firehose against a simulated fire target
    • Simulate forced entry into a residence
    • Field deploy a firehose (fully unrolled mine in a single toss, straight as an arrow…hella yeah!), then reroll for proper stowing

All while basking in today’s glorious 80 degree heat.

Did I say how FREAKIN AWESOME today was yet?

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April 7, 2008

Like A Day Without Sunshine

Gunmetal, battleship, pumice, Eeyore, elephantskin, rhinoskin, eelskin, putty, clay...and so on. 

No, I’m not talking about what passes for springtime in Seattle.

That’s what I think about Windows Live without Messenger. Kinda, well…depressing. Especially on a mobile device.

So all you emo kids can go get your mope on.

Windows Live for Windows Mobile has just been released…without Messenger.

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March 25, 2008

What’s In Response Point Service Pack 1?

Why…a whole heaping heap of sugary goodness, that’s what!

All I know is...whenever there's a pinata at a birthday party...someone's getting hit in the face with the stick. It's like a law of nature or something.

Kinda like a pinata, except without a stick being swung wildly by a blindfolded kid like a crack addict beating a wino.

First and foremost, SP1 adds the long-awaited SIP trunking to Response Point. You will be able to configure VoIP based services for outgoing calls, in addition to the analog line support that has always been available with RP. The Response Point team has been working with a handful of VoIP service providers to assure a smooth configuration process.

Analog and VoIP services will each use a different dialing prefix, so users can easily specify which kind of connection they want to use for a given call.

Direct Inbound Dialing comes with SP1 too, adding the ability to send all calls to a particular number directly to a specific user or group. For Running Antelope, this feature will be like manna from Heaven, as it will be a key addition to the system here at the Funcave.

Some call reporting arrives in SP1 as well, which is an excellent feature for billing, tracking, troubleshooting, or just seeing if your employees are wasting time calling their boyfriends or girlfriends. It’s said to be pretty basic, but should do the trick.

Response Point Assistant also gets some sweet sweet lovin’ with SP1, adding both the ability to see the call status of all users on the RP system and to dial another RP user through an RP handset by clicking in the Assistant window. The click-dial feature stops short of being a true softphone, however.

According to the team, Service Pack 1 should arrive in an easy-to-use installer package, which is slated to drop later this summer. And easy is a good thing, right?

If you want more information, Richard Sprague from the Response Point team will be discussing RP and SP1 during the last third of the 10 o’clock hour tomorrow morning as part of Microsoft’s Small Business Summit-a-palooza.

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March 24, 2008

Dinner With The Response Point Team

Well, not everyone on the team…

But I did get a chance to meet a few folks from the Response Point team for dinner last Tuesday night.

Bob Taniguchi, Veronica Buckley and Ben Brauer were kind enough to take me to the 0/8 Seafood Grill and Twisted Cork Wine Bar at the Hyatt Regency in nearby Bellevue.

Starting from the left, that would be Veronica Buckley, Bob Taniguchi, and Ben Brauer. 

We talked about a wide range of topics regarding Response Point, including SMB conferences, the SBSC program, virtualization, and system administration, nearly all of which I can’t tell you anything about thanks to my Wolfram & Hart-esque binding NDA with Microsoft.

But I can tell you that the team is serious about Response Point, and you should be as well. Definitely a More Cowbell kind of meeting, if you catch my drift.

Response Point is on the agenda for the Small Business Summit this week. Tomorrow from 10–11a PDT, in fact. If you have time for only one session from Small Business Summit, make it that one.

You won’t be disappointed. Assuming MS gets the whole “casting” part of the webcast fixed.

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