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January 28, 2008

Using Windows Mobile 6 With Small Business Server 2003

Paper white, paper bright...first paper I read tonight.

There’s an official whitepaper available now if you’re looking to use Windows Mobile 6 devices with Small Business Server 2003.

Not a whole lot of changes from the previous doc for WM5 devices.

Main thing to remember is that WM6 only works with certain minimum versions of ActiveSync (4.5) and Windows Mobile Device Center (6.1). And, of course you have to keep straight which of those sync options works on XP and which works on Vista. Which you should already know by now, honestly.

Nice section on certificates, with decent coverage on the now-preferred method of using a 3rd party certificate, rather than SBS’ much-loved-until-WM5–came-out self-signed cert.

The troubleshooting section is worth a look too. Especially if you’ve ever been ready to pull your own hair out while trying to troubleshoot synchronization problems with Windows Mobile devices.

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December 4, 2007

What Does Exchange 2007 SP1 Really Mean To Windows Mobile Devices?

The long cold winter is finally, blessedly, almost over.

Not much.

I mean…sure, there are new management policies available to you with Exchange 2007 SP1. Jason has an awesome policy comparison chart here. Think of it, especially with Exchange Standard, as the “Essentials” version of Mobile Device Manager…

But both of them require something that, unless you happen to have your very own working Tardis…

Don't piddle in the time stream, K-9!

You prolly can’t get your hands on yet anyway.

Which would be the all-important future version of Windows Mobile I’ve seen referenced here and about.

Based on the public info I’ve seen about Mobile Device Manager…

That future version is none other than Windows Mobile 6.1, which Boy Genius Report also managed to find, kinda like a winning lottery ticket, on a brand-spanking new Q9.

Supposedly, that 6.1 version should include MDM client-side functions in ROM. Although MDM info does mention a client available for deployment, if in-ROM support isn’t an option.

Similarly, Exchange 2007 SP1 support requires a future version of Windows Mobile.

Whether that’s 6.1, or something else, I can’t rightly say. And whether it can or must use a separate client-side agent…can’t say that either.

But the reality is, Exchange 2007 SP1 doesn’t do much of anything for wrangling Windows Mobile devices.

At least not yet it doesn’t…

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November 29, 2007

Welcome To The Response Point

If you saw the previous post, you already know that the Response Point demo system arrived at the Funcave today.

Is it properly pronounced SIS-pin, or SIS-pine? I've heard it pronounced both ways.

It’s a Quanta Syspine base unit, as you can plainly see. And a grand total of 3 handsets, which rocks.

I'm a big fan of the function buttons included on this model.

Stick around, cuz there will be more to come on RP, right here at the Funcave.

To amuse you in the meantime…

According to Running Antelope, it’s a darn good thing I wasn’t home at 5p this afternoon.

Otherwise, I prolly would have hugged the UPS guy in an entirely inappropriate way, prolly something like from the very end (start at timestamp -0:13) of this NSFW video clip from the incomparable Blazing Saddles

‘scuse me, while I whip this out…

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November 29, 2007

When What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear…

Better than an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time!

But 2 hefty-sized boxes, meaning Response Point was here.

And with a sign of his pad, and tip of his cap…

The cheerful man in brown disappeared in a snap.

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November 27, 2007

Enter The WiPhone


Lots of response to the issue of HTML e-mail only being supported via Exchange Activesync/Direct Push when paired with Exchange Server 2007.

I’ll admit right away that I was being a smartass when I suggested bouncing your e-mail out to a secondary POP account to get HTML e-mail on your handheld.

Right now, if you want to get HTML e-mail on a Windows Mobile 6 device OTA from your Exchange 2003 mailbox, you can always leverage IMAP to make it happen.

In other words, you’d set up your Exchange server and WM handset just like you were setting up to support The Almighty iPhone.

Which should explain the photochop above.

If you absolutely, positively, have to have HTML e-mail for your Exchange 2003/WM6 environment, then you can setup this insanely jackleg kind of configuration. Only for those who are not faint-of-heart. I’ll also admit this is a Mount Everest doc effort…simply because it’s there.

  • Follow Q and Dr. Codec’s excellent IMAP setup for SBS with SSL article.
  • Add a new e-mail account to your WM6 device.
  • Name the account something like Outlook IMAP.
  • Configure the account to use IMAP4, and use the public FQDN of your Exchange server as the Incoming mail server.
  • Use DOMAIN/LogonID for User name. Be sure to check Save password.
  • The Outgoing (SMTP) mail server value may be pre-configured by your mobile operator. Changing this value may stop your WM6 device from successfully sending e-mail, so document the supplied server name before making any modifications in case you need to reverse your changes.
  • Set the Outgoing (SMTP) mail server value to the public FQDN of your Exchange server. Select both checkboxes. Under Advanced Server Settings, select both SSL checkboxes, and verify that the Network connection is set to the correct interface/service.
  • There is no IMAP IDLE command supported by WM6 for push functionality, so set the desired Automatic Send/Receive interval, plus the amount of past messages you want to download.
  • Under Advanced Settings, set your desired send/receive, roaming, and message deletion behavior.
  • Set Message format as HTML (so you aren’t doing all this for nothing). Set your desired message download limit and attachment download behavior. 

Point of fact…

You could even leave e-mail coming in over Direct Push, if you want, and if you don’t mind the triple-threat memory/bandwidth/space hit. That way you’d get the best of both worlds.


I’m not that desperate for HTML e-mail. 

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